Out of State Drivers Involved in Car Accident in California

An auto collision of any type can be a stressful situation, but out-of-state drivers that are in an accident in California will be presented with a wide variety of new problems. In addition to differences in driving laws between states, drivers may also be looking out ongoing injuries and varying insurance policies that may not meet California minimums.

I’m Out-Of-State Driver That Was Involved In A Car Accident In California, Would I need To Hire A California Personal Injury Attorney?

For those that have recently been involved in an accident in California or are planning to drive there soon, here is a closer look at the exact steps that must be taken to legally protect one’s driving record and their future.

Immediately Following the Accident
Just as with any other state, there are a few steps that must be taken immediately following the accident. First, drivers must attempt to get their cars out of the way of traffic if they are able to do so. The same goes for any uninjured parties including passengers and pedestrians. If injuries have taken place, then an ambulance must be contacted immediately. These few steps are not only important when it comes to everyone’s safety, but they could also help the drivers in the later stages of the case.

Insurance and the DMV
While every insurance agency does have its own rules, most require their clients to contact them after an accident within just a few days. For the average company, the accident must be reported within two or three days of the accident. Accidents that involve injuries, a death, or have resulted in more than $750 of damage must be reported to a California DMV within 10 days. This includes out-of-state drivers that must report these accidents to a local DMV instead of a DMV in their home state.

Legal Representation
Due to the nature of these cases, any accident involving an out-of-state driver will require a legal representative. This is especially important if an injury has taken place, in which case our dedicated attorneys at Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys will become absolutely vital. These legal representatives will allow the out-of-state driver to keep up with their case even if they are thousands of miles away. While the injured parties are focusing on their recovery, an attorney can ensure that victims receive fair compensation as quickly as possible. Any missteps in these types of cases can result in points on one’s license, huge fines, civil trials, and even bench warrants if the driver ever returns to California.

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